For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.

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Wisdom and Discipline. Part-One.

June 28, 2013

‘Training.’ Every believer in Jesus is on the pilgrims road of life, there are books like ‘Pilgrims progress which give us a picture of the struggle. Sometimes this can be a help, while on other occasion’s not so. We are going through a process of training and it is a painful time, but the end […]

The Spirit of God. Part-Four.

June 21, 2013

‘The Comforter.’ We have the Holy Spirit because of our Fathers promise of Salvation to us.  Because we have believed in the work of His Son Jesus on the cross/stake and His resurrection from the grave.  Acts 13:34-35,  Psalm 16:10,  Isaiah 55:3. We understand that the Holy Spirit empowers us to serve, but He also […]

The Spirit of God. Part-Three.

June 14, 2013

Intervention. Most thought and comment of the work and role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, is that He is gentle in His nature to us. But this idea of Him is not a correct one, because in His dealings with Balaam (Numbers 24:2), He had to come down and force […]

The Spirit of God. Part-Two.

June 7, 2013

‘It is all there.’ How do we get this power to work for us?  Well it is all there for us to be disciplined and to love our enemies and then that Power will manifest itself. It is so simple and yet the selfishness of our hearts and desires fights against God to stop us […]