For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.

The Spirit Expressly States… Part-Two.

Lead astray by Demons.

God knows everything, so let us sit back and not worry! that is the reaction today of most believers in western society, but it is not the same in the rest of the world. Weath and security in what we have are the blinkers, which lead us to failing to seei and recognizing deception.

it is very much a sad situation, because we may not really be saved ourselves or heading on the road away from eternity. Doctrines will not save us, faith is the key to salvation. But we also must follow the intructions to be right with God and not go either with the crowd or thing we are okay.

2 peter 2:1,  Ephesians 4:18-19,   Galatians 5;17-21,    Acts 3:22,   Titus 3;2-2.


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