For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.

Moses and the Seventy!

Holy Spirit Splinters.

Moses the leader of Israel in the wilderness of Sinai was a man who was taking some serious responsibility, but he was advised to share it out with the seventy leaders of the twelve tribes.

Leaders are special people, especially in government and in Ekklesia, but despite being a lonely place at times? It is good to share that responsibility out to ministers and in the case of the Church elders and deacons!

We cannot do it all on ourselves or we will eventually crack up with metal strain!

Moses did the right thing and so God honoured his decision by making one pouring of the Holy Spirit out on Moses and those seventy men. We do not hear again of this until Pentecost some seven hundred years later!

Numbers 11:23-25,   26-29,   Isaiah 50:2,   59:1,   Matthew 19:26,   Acts 2:1-4.

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