For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.

Incarnation…Jesus. Two.

John the Baptizer and Jesus!

The mother of John the Baptizer Elizabeth had a similar experience as Mary, she in her old age birthed a child of the divine. Her husband a priest in the Jerusalem Temple Zechariah was informed by an Angel that the Holy Spirit would do this work, despite their old age!

When Mary visited her relative Elizabeth both babies jumped for joy in each mothers wombs and when John the type of Elijah was born His father Zechariah gave prophecy when the Holy Spirit revealed it to him.

We need as believers never to forget in the mundane of human daily activity, that nothing is ever impossible with God!

Luke 1:5-60,   13,   15,   17,   35-37,   41-43,   44-45,   67-80.

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