For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.


Workers Wages?

Where are we who are in business, are we fare in what we pay our workers, do we care for their home situations? Business has the habit to lead many into dishonesty, it was once said,  ‘That it was hard for a Christian to remain honest in business!

The bible talks much about money and coveting what is not ours to have from riches, to adultery to selfish desires of the flesh and motives! But God does see everything in relation to what we think and do in secret and we will pay wither we a born-again or not for our sins not repented of!

Genesis 31:7-8,   Job 7:1,   Luke 10:34,   John 4:36.


Must Believe?

We cannot have a full knowledge of God, knowing that we have been forgiven by our repentance and knowing that Jesus rose from the dead to give us eternal salvation?

One cannot claim to say I believe because I only know He died for me! We must also believe that he rose from the dead for us, so that the sting of death is removed and that we have access into the New Life of being born-again!

Without belief in this two miraculous events we cannot come to the full knowledge of salvation? One knowing that Jesus shed His blood in only part of a two fold process of His resurrection on the third day.

Matthew 20:19,  John 11:25,  Acts 10:40,  Romans 6:5,  1 Corinthians 15:4,  12-13.


Consider to know Him?

We cannot claim to have faith, when we do not know Jesus? We cannot be a Spiritual people, if we bypass the Cross/Stake/Tree of our redemption?

We must first have that repentance that will bring us into fellowship with God, through the shed blood of Jesus!

The Holy Spirit was not given to believers before the cross, Jesus had to ascend back to heaven and ten days later it was poured out in the Temple in Jerusalem!

Luke 3:22,   23:46,  John 14:26,   Acts 1:8,   2:17-18.



Where will I go when I am in trouble, worried, fearful, afraid, weary?

I will turn to the Lord, We will go to Jesus our King and our fortress. What a statement, what a God do we have. he will comfort, protect and keep us safe. People, systems and societies cannot help us.

The world can sometimes do something for us, provide shelter, a meal or the claims that a never really fulfilled?

But our God always keeps His promises to us, despite us not always seeing the blessings immediately!

Psalm 18:2,  33,  91:9,  144:2,  Luke 1:46,  John 20:28,  1 Corinthians 5:4.


We must have His Power?

There are many claims made by many people who profess trust in God, but they lack any ability within the body to do anything? They will talk to you about the Holy Spirit, they way they see religious things?

Both in the Old Testament and in the New it is the same Spirit at work, but in the old it was given to those chosen for an appointed task! Today all believers in the death and resurrection of Jesus for the final atonement for our sins have the third person of the Trinity within us.

Judges 14:6,   1 Corinthians 2:4,  6:19,  9:13,  2 Timothy 1:7,  1 Peter 1:12.



That is how we should be, jumping for Joy.  That we are saved, that we have the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, that we know God as our Father and Jesus as our Brother and Friend.

What more could we want or have to counter the daily grind of the hatred of the world against us.

Jeremiah 31:4,   Luke 6:22-23.


John tells us what he saw in his vision about the new Jerusalem, our city, our new home.  Revelation 21:12-14.

It is a great city with its 12 gates, representing the twelve tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples.

Numbers Chapter 2,  Mark 3:16-19.


What more can be Said?

One has to wonder after a while of writing if enough has been said on the subject of the Holy Spirit, that is within the confines of the Bible? Many today will or seem to follow many strange ideas about the role of the Holy Spirit that are not found in the Bible and so they end up getting really confused?

This blog has now been running for a couple of years and one has tried to cover every aspect of how God works through each of us believers? Life at times can be extremely difficult and illness to stress can lead to missing out those odd weeks?

It was always our intention to write 366 posts and then limit ourselves to one Bible study per month.

Psalm 107:20,    Matthew 4:4,    2 Timothy 3:16,     1 John 1:1. 


The Crucible.

We are not going to talk about the great game of snooker, but what is created in fire and destroyed by God?

Many today who claim a knowledge of God, cannot face the fact that He will Judge the world and send those who refused to repent to the eternal fires of Hell and separation!

But for us who do know the Lord from being chosen by God and born-again in to the New Life, we will be tested in His fires to be purified and to get rid of all that we cannot take with us into Glory!

Genesis 19:28,  Deuteronomy 4:20,  Psalm 21:9,  Proverbs 17:3,  Matthew 13:42, 50.


Our response to God.

We cannot truly Love God, as He loves us! But we can love the truth of His words to us in the Holy Bible? There is so much emphasis today placed in the Church on what we can get from God, but very little on what we can do for Him?

Love the truth and apply it unto our salvation, care for the widows, orphans, foreigners? Put aside what blocks us off from fanning the flame of the Holy Spirit within us? When we are walking by faith in following God-Jesus we will see our direction and place that we are meant to be in!

2 Thessalonians 2:10,  Job 31:11-12,  James 1:27,  Isaiah 1:17,  Romans 1:27.