For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.


Moving in rhythm with the Holy Spirit!

God is not wanting us to be content with just knowing that we have the dwelling of the Holy Spirit within us, He wants us to be in tune and moving all the time! We may be content as a believer in our material circumstances and that is a good place to be, as the Apostle Paul said that he was in!

To be moving with the Spirit is to be always active, knowing and sensing the role and place that God wants us to be at! We are not to quench that power, we are not to refuse it and make excuses to do nothing, but rather have the rhythm of continual going on?

Luke 8:14,  9:60,  Psalm 25:5,  71:15,  88:1,  1 Thessalonians 5:8,  19,  2 Timothy 2:3-4.


Holding It?

We cannot physically hold down God, but the vison that we are given can be retained in our minds so that we can keep working it through? Vision is not limited to a one area of working, some will continue to see more and more revelation and new things to do or to act upon?

We must never think that our God is limited in doing good, in seeking to use all believers in divers ways to serve Him? The Holy Spirit is eager to move within us to change us into the people that God wants to use and to also prepare us for Heaven!

Genesis 15:1,  Numbers 24:16,  Job 20:8,  Psalm 89:19,  Matthew 17:9,  Luke 1:22,  Acts 16:9-10,   Revelation 9:17.


Enoch walked with God and he was not!

Do we still walk with God, do we allow the Holy Spirit to have sway in our lives? Do we claim as many do that they have been translated from A to B/Z, and still they have nothing to show for it?

Enoch walked with God, we today who believe by faith in the Good Works of Jesus are called to follow! We are asked to be true, to be right and not to excuse sin as to what ever that may be?

Enoch walked with God and was not! Enoch was taken quickly out of that society, that was full of war and evil! Enoch was translated to be with God in Heaven, because that society and world was to be swallowed by the flood in the days of Noah!

Genesis 5:18-24,  5:22,  Luke 3:37,   Hebrews 11:5,   Jude 1:14.


Living in It?

Do you believe that God is leading you into something new or are you doing something for God such a long time one cannot be sure what is next? Many people pray and seek the Lord to know His will and direction for their lives, but what they miss is they have been in His will for a long time?

One started telling mates, friends, family and neighbours about Jesus, over thirty years ago! The eight years into the faith, doubts started in relation to what God really wanted me to do? One was here and there seeking that will, but ten years ago God showed me what kind of service He had me in to stay the course and so here one is today!

Acts 22:15,   2 Corinthians 11:6,   1 Timothy 1:12-13,   Titus 1:3.




Not beyond the Holy Scriptures!

One has been to many Churches over the years and some a wilder beyond belief, they make Pentecostal claims that cannot be found in the Bible! They are some who are stricter and yet make predications, without considering we are not to and then fail to repent of their collective sin?

The gifts stated in the book of Acts still stand today, despite the many who deny them and have opened the doors to speculations and modernism which is justifying sin amongst believers!

We must remain within the wonderment of what has been revealed to us about God and why Jesus had to die for us to set us free from our sins and the darkness we once were in!

1 Timothy 4:1-5,  John 3:3,  15-21,  31-16,  Romans 3:25,  Hebrews 13:20.


The Holy Spirit!

Many believers either do not fully appreciate the role of the Holy Spirit or they overdo it with some fantastical stuff that is not found in the Bible? We must remain to the word of God and not be lead away into what some term higher teaching, or lets see how much money we can get out of these silly people?

Many Christians fail because they refuse to read and study the bible, all that we need to know and understand is written in those sixty-six books! Speculation and other teaching is false and from the devil to lead us astray into confusion!

John 16:13-14,  Acts 2:32-36,  1 Corinthians 12:3,  1 John 4:1-3,  Zechariah 12:10,  Revelation 19:10.


Changes for our Improvement!

Have you ever seen a well of water, the water has to keep flowing or it to remain fresh? But if that flow is halted, the well becomes stagnant and has to be abandoned because drinking it will bring disease or death!

That is the same method with the Holy Spirit within us, we have to clean our lamp and buy fresh oil to keep it burning! But from time to time, we will have to move again, change home, job, school, nursing home, services?

This allows us to grow in our faith and experiences with God, He is stirring things up for our betterment so that we will be more effective for Him!

Deuteronomy 2:3,  23:7,  Exodus 15:15,  Matthew 25:1-11,  Luke 12:15,  35,  Acts 8:1,  Colossians 4:5.


We are a New Creation!

We who are born-again have died to our old nature and have entered into our New one! It can be hard to fathom, but it is the truth and the truth we know will set us free!

God has through His Son Jesus promised us a new home, at this time we are a home for the Holy Spirit that dwells within us and works through us!

We are being prepared for Eternity now, so like to say, ‘Salvation or the New Life begins now?  The question is do we really believe that Jesus rose and that we have entered into His victory over death for us too?

2 Corinthians 5:1,  15:42-44,   53-54,   58,   Revelation 3:12,   21:2.


Dreams, Visions and Prophecy!

This is what we have in the power of third person of the Holy Trinity in our New Lives! We have become a people of power, of vision and of dreams!

The vision to know where we are going and to see some work or move of God that we can either do or be a part of?

To dream dreams to see the impossible with humanity come through with us the people of faith, unseen and fire glowing or shining in this decaying world showing through both prophecy and preaching Jesus is the only way to be saved!

We need to warn the world, family, friends, work, school, services and retirement that the Day of the Lords Return is coming like a thief in the Night!

Joel 2:28-32,  Acts 2:16-18,  Isaiah 32;15,  44;3,  Ezekiel 39:29,  John 7:39,  Galatians 3:28,  1 Thessalonians 5:2, 4.


The power of the Holy Spirit?

We each have a different set of gifts, but some of us are limiting ourselves to what we can or cannot do? When we should understand that there is so much we could be doing!

As believers the realisation of the Holy Spirit with us, should be all that we need to get on in serving both the community and the Ekklesia, friends, family strangers while in the process we should not expect any praise or return!

The Holy Spirit is changing us day by day, but it us who has to move with Him? We may be aware of strange things, but with prayer and the word we will know His will for us!

Acts 1:4-12,  5,  8,  Psalm 22:27,  Luke 10:19,  Acts 22:15,  Romans 10:18,  1 Corinthians 12:13,  Titus 3:5.