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What have we Got? Part-One.

May 24, 2019

To be Comforted! Many believers can get upset when we try to talk about the role and the work of the Holy Spirit in our New life, they think that we may be shooting off on a tangent that is false or not right? But here we just want to touch on the basics of […]

‘We are not Alone. Part-Two.

April 24, 2015

Come beside You. Jesus promised that as believers we would be sent a helper, a helper who was much more that a guardian Angel. This comforter would always be with us, beside us helping, comforting, praying,and giving us abilities to speak to show our giftings in practice. We who continue to walk with God and […]


December 27, 2013

The first Christian Martyr.  Acts 6:3-8:5. If you thought it was Jesus, then you would be wrong. Because He was the Perfect Jew, who fulflled the Law and set us free from it by His sacrifice on the cross. Stephen we are told was one of seven men chosen for minisrty in the early Ekklesia, […]

The Spirit of God. Part-Four.

June 21, 2013

‘The Comforter.’ We have the Holy Spirit because of our Fathers promise of Salvation to us.  Because we have believed in the work of His Son Jesus on the cross/stake and His resurrection from the grave.  Acts 13:34-35,  Psalm 16:10,  Isaiah 55:3. We understand that the Holy Spirit empowers us to serve, but He also […]

My Fortress…

September 14, 2012

When I am in trouble, worried, weary, afraid, who will I go to?  We will turn to our Lord, to God and he will comfort us. We will go to the fortress. It is there that we will be safe and secure in Him. We have a great God, Jesus. There is no system, society […]

We have a rock!

August 24, 2012

Yes. We do have a rock to go to in our times of trouble and in our need, its God the Father. He has promised that He will be our strength and encouragement and in this verse there are more aspects of Him for us to turn to. What is a rock, a hard stone […]