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A good Conscience. Two.

December 23, 2016

Christmas and the New Year. When we become believers, we are able to see clearely ‘Good from Bad? I place a question mark here because many claim to know the Lord, but by their actions they prove that perhaps they have not made that complete surrender! This not passing judgement on anyone, but it is […]

Active. Part-One.

January 3, 2014

‘Moving with the Holy Spirit. Now that all the gluttony of the Christmas season is nearly over, we are in the making of resolutions that we probably will fail to keep. But God wants us to keep moving with Him, to remain active in the Spirit.   Hebrews 10:24.

Another Year!

January 3, 2013

”Happy New Year” What should we do with this New Year? Give thanks to the Lord His (Faithfulness, Loving kindness) endures forever or is everlasting.   Jeremiah 33:11,  Hebrews 13:15.