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Community? Part-One.

July 27, 2018

Church or Community! As believers filled with the Holy Spirit do we do Church or are we a Community? The early believers were part of a community, praying and sharing together, but over time this gift has been lost? Today very few Christians will share anything, since we have become so self-centred, very much like […]

REAL LOVE. Part-Two.

February 12, 2016

Jesus Love. This is what god expects of us, to put it into practice! We can say many words about love and in the end it sometimes sounds patronising or cheap? But when we do what has been asked of us, we see fruit and the power of the Holy Spirit working within us and […]

God is changing Us. Part-One.

July 4, 2014

Inner Workings. How long have you been a Christian believer or a Convert ? As we grow in Jesus, we are supposed to change, for some it may be quick or seem that way. For others it may be slower, as the Holy Spirit points out our problem areas. God wants us to be different […]

‘Who are We? Part-One.

June 6, 2014

Questions? It is so easy at times, when things get difficult that we do forget who we are! Frustration, anger all build up and make us explode and not in the right way. We fail our God and yet we should understand who we are and our need to try to be encouraged by the […]

Quality. Part-Two.

September 20, 2013

Deny the desires of the world. We tend to forget that we may have our own homes, cars and good jobs. We may have a nice husband or wife, children, good schools, standing in the community. We may be good and successful in business, Church life and sociable circles. This standing can be good and […]

The Spirit of God. Part-Two.

June 7, 2013

‘It is all there.’ How do we get this power to work for us?  Well it is all there for us to be disciplined and to love our enemies and then that Power will manifest itself. It is so simple and yet the selfishness of our hearts and desires fights against God to stop us […]

The Spirit of God. Part-One.

May 31, 2013

‘Moving. We do have the habit of tending to forget that the Holy Spirit is a moving power of God, from His first mention in the Bible.  Genesis 1:2. Within us God moves, He moves us to put into practice what He has given us.  2 Timothy 1:6.