For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.


The gift of Interpretation!

Not every believer has the same gifts, but some have certain gifts that are of the Spiritual realm and they can serve the Ekklesia if they are open to the interpretation of speaking in tongues?

In times past the Hebrew peoples had certain men appointed for special roles in human history, such as Joseph to the Egyptians and Daniel to the Babylonians and Jesus point out to the religious men of His day their hypocrisy of looking to the physical world with their eyes rather than faith from their hearts!

We should also heed this warning, because many do wonder from the faith to the lure of money and the things of this world, rather than staying the course with Jesus?

Genesis 41:8, 12,  15,   Daniel  chapters 1-6,  Luke 12:56,  1 Corinthians 12:30,  14:5,  13, 27.


Shipwrecked and Entangled!

There are many superficial Christians out there who can damage us, by their arguments and debate? Because they do not have the Holy Spirit they come to us in a natural way and do not fully have any Spiritual knowledge to even understand where we are!

In what they say they can lead us as stray just in the subtly that Satan used with Eve in the Garden of Eden or in other ways become hypocrites as Saul did in relation to the witch of Endor and Samuel?

We do so seriously need to stand our ground and resist the Devil and his ways, many today in the Church are well deluded and this should be a dire warning to us of His devices?

2 Corinthians 2:11,   Galatians 5:1,    1 Timothy 1:19,    6:20,    2 Peter 2:20.


We are living in the last Times!

Today is worst that yesterday in morality and sensibility with the world around us, and we are getting attacked now for anything if we say anything to try and share our faith?

Even within our own ranks of fellowship others are mocking us for what we believe in, they live by sight and not by the Holy Spirit, they are natural being, where as we are Spiritual that is the reason for their mocking!

We are born again and they are either traditionalists or people who like to go to Church for a whole host of reasons that having nothing to do with God or faith! These people are very dangerous to our growth, they may entangle us with their rubbish and we are warned to avoid them if possible and if not to destroy these fortresses of rhetoric and unbelief!

2 Corinthians 10:3-5,    2 Peter 3:3,    Jude 1:18-19.


The Apostle Peter!

We tend to associate Paul with the establishment of the Church, because today most of Ekkelsia is Gentile and not Jewish! But Peter was preaching to the Jewish believers of the day and now today again since Israel as a nation is re-established in the Middle-East once more!

Peter had the gift of insight, he was able to tell who was lying and thus their fate for opposing the power of God in their lives! This same gift is still in operation today to help us deal with false believers people who appear to be Christians but their lives outside of Church proves they are not walking with God?

Judging is nearly always the reply from such fake believers, wither they are right or not, why do they just not repent instead of putting up a defence of more dishonesty!

Acts 5:1-11,   Genesis 41:39,   Leviticus 10:1-3,   Proverbs 2:11,   Matthew 13:47-48,   John 6:37,    Ephesians 1:8.


The indwelling Companion!

Jesus promised His Disciples the Holy Spirit, not anymore limited to certain anointed people but to given to all who trust in Jesus death and resurrection!

He was given to the early Ekklesia two-thousand years ago and continues to be poured out and shared moment by moment! Sometimes I think we tend to forget the enormous size of the unlimited quantity of God?

But today we believers have this ever companion, unless we refuse and quench Him out of our lives? We do not need anymore to be existing in our strength and intellect, when we have the very best from our Father Eternally!

Joel 2:28-30,   John 14:16,  26,  15:26,   16:7,   Acts 2:3-4,   Ephesians 3:5,   1 Thessalonians 4:8.



Times and seasons?

We tend not to spend too much time dwelling on any events after the Easter Resurrection, some will cover the restoration of Peter, doubting Thomas and then emphasise the events of the Holy Spirit being poured out on the early Church?

But so much is missing and more can be said of these events that covered tow distinct time periods, forty day from Jesus rising from the dead and His return to Heaven!

The Disciples being told to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit was given. But they did not have a known time limit as we understand the ten-days?

This command that was related to their question in relation to God’s restoration of the Kingdom of Israel, was the encouragement that they needed to keep their faith in Jesus alive and get on with the works that were required!

Acts 1:3-4,  12-26,   Daniel 2:44-45,   Ephesians 6:18,   Hebrews 4:13,   1 Peter 1:11.


To be Comforted!

Many believers can get upset when we try to talk about the role and the work of the Holy Spirit in our New life, they think that we may be shooting off on a tangent that is false or not right?

But here we just want to touch on the basics of what each of has as believers and the role that is quite large and diverse in the empowerment of God!

We have a friend and one who guides and comforts us in our times of need and each of us have differing needs from time to time? The Holy Spirit leads us to focus on Jesus our redeemer and God our Father, so that we can communicate in prayer, serve, witness, show compassion, listen, worship, prophesise and receive revelation!

The latter two does cause confusion to many, because they have not been told the full truths of this teaching and role of Gods Spirit within us!

1 Corinthians 2:12-16,   John 16:13-16,   Romans 11:34,   Galatians 6:1,   Ephesians 4:13-14,   Colossians 1:9.


Elisha wanted a double portion of the Holy Spirit!

Before the Prophet Elijah was taken up to God, Elisha asked for a double portion and he received it!

Today all believers have enough to sustain us in the works that we are called to do, works that may cost us our deaths as Martyrs? But the problems with believers is their fear of serving God and much of the time is spent in serving our own interests?

If we claim a faith in God, let us not hide behind the cross, but be seen and then we will have an impact to improve the society around us?

2 Kings 2:9-13,    Philippines 3:18,    Revelation 6:9-11.


Have something to Say?

Now that the Easter season is coming to an end, do we not have something still to say about what Jesus has done for us?

Giving glory to God is one aspect of the dynamic of the Holy Spirit within us, but since He is dynamic there are many others and that being the ability to share our faith and what He has done for us!

Are we not saved from the corrupt world around us or do we have our own ideas about God, that are based on other teachings and not the Bible alone???

John 1:32,   Acts 4:33,   23:11,   1 Timothy 3:7,   6:20,   Revelation 1:2-3,   2:13,   3:13,    22.


A gift that cannot be Bought!

There were many and there are still today the same many who think the gifts of God can be purchased financially or achieved is some other was from other people!

But they are all wrong, because they are not born-again of the Holy Spirit! Some denominations fail to understand or accept the fulness of what is within them, the gift of gifts from God!

Others use a different set of terminologies to avoid being seen as the term Apostolic of Pentecostal, but they do actually operate in the dynamic of the Holy Spirit and have great success in sowing and reaping the fruits in their respective fellowships!

Acts 8:20,   Proverbs 15:26,   Acts 2:38,   1 Timothy 6:9,   James 5:3.