For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.


Hot weather witness and Prayer!

We have a great opportunity at this time to share our faith in Jesus, that has saved us and to make new friends through the various conversations that we might strike up this summer?

School holidays and weekend breaks give us the time to listen to other peoples problems and our chance to pray for them! It also gives our fellowships time to do some door knocking to meet and to offer Jesus, in doing this we are allowing the fire of the Holy Spirit within us to express the love of Jesus to others who are lost and in darkness to come into share the light with us?

1 Thessalonians 5:17,   Psalm 119:46,   Acts 11:15,   1 Corinthians 2:6,   Philippians 1:14.


Has to be Done!

There is much here to look at in many different ways, but we need to prune fruit trees at differing times to improve their yield and so it is the same with us!

We may be going along all well in our own sights, but God can see the deadwood, He can see those wild shoots and He knows that if we are pruned now later the harvest of fruit will be far greater!

It does hurt to be knocked back, but in the end we will see for ourselves that it was all worth while to get us back on track with Jesus and our Father God?

John 15:2,  8,   Psalm 51:7-13,   Philippians 1:9-11,   Hebrews 6:7-8,   Revelation 3:19.


Fire, fruit and Pruning!

Its great to go with God in doing the wonderful things of applying the gifts of the Holy Spirit and having that passion and compassion to reach the lost in the world all around us with our witness and testimony?

But a time will come, when we will have to slow down or stop to prune back that which is not working or that Jesus wants to deal with us and it hurts!

But like plants and trees who go a bit wild or have dead wood, the cutting back improves their growth and so God will improve us to do better things for Him!

John 15:1-16,   Acts 2:3,   1 Corinthians chapters 12,  13,  14,   Galatians 5:22.


Let Him have His way in You!

Many will sing these wonderful words in a song or quote a poem, but when it comes to the application of this truth in our hearts it is another matter?

Much is lost today in the Christian Church in relation to using the empowerment of God by the Holy Spirit within us! And yet on the other hand when we do let God in and He has control of us many great things are achieved!

London, U.K. is going through a severe episode of over seventy murders this year, despite the police smoothing the figures this morning to forty! It is the community that must interact between the gangs and the police to break this cycle of evil. going to fellowship and speaking in tongues will not solve the situation only human interaction!

Matthew 15:32,    2 Corinthians 2:17,    Revelation 1:7.


Employing the Power!

It is very hard to rejoice when you are being intimidated or feel under threat for just asking some one to do something and they refuse!

But we are advised to do what is the opposite to human nature that of rebelling or loosing our temper!

The world is dark even in its light, that is something that we should know, since God called us out of it? But we are not of this world and we are waiting for Jesus return and that promised land!

Psalm 63:11,  Matthew 24:12,  Romans 5:11,  2 Corinthians 12:20,  James 4:1-4,  1 John 4:20.


Over Lies!

It is sad to say that many people who claim faith or go to Church, are some of the biggest liars and fantasists!

Why bother with the old ways when God, through the ‘Good works of Jesus death and resurrection has set one free from that Satanic yoke of bondage and slavery?

The human heart is deceitful and the tongue is the outpouring of the thoughts that lead to evil in us! The Holy Bible makes it very clear where we stand in times past to false accounting and were we should not be in relation to entering Heaven!

Leviticus 18:28,   Deuteronomy 19:19,   2 Peter 2:22,   Revelation 21:8. 


Freed from the curse of the Law to empowerment of the Spirit?

There are many believers and people who claim to have faith in God, but they either continue in legalism or refuse to believe fully in the rising of Jesus from the grave?

This blocks off the power of God in their lives and they become stumped to be inactive, but possibly also dangerous to other young believers or people new to the faith!

The Holy Spirit can only enter the people of faith, because faith is believing in the impossible and this challenge is to test us to see what we are really made of!

John 11:25,  Romans 7:22,  8:1-11,  Galatians 5:22,  Philippians 3:12,  Hebrews 11:1-3,  1 Peter 1:23.


Jesus Prayed.

We are one week from Easter-Passover, where these two historical events of deliverance for the nation of Israel and the rescue of all by faith who believe in Jesus final atonement for sins for the individual!

Exodus 10:21-22,  Matthew/Levi 27:45.

Jesus prayed several times in His short three year ministry, we do not have all the accounts of what He said! But what we do have is perhaps enough to reveal what he and God expects of us and our calling in this New Life and service!

Isaiah 53:12,  Matthew/Levi 26:42,  44,  Mark 1:35,  John 17:1-26.


Elijah and Merkva!

Our second person in the bible to be taken up is a flaming chariot to heaven, after he had fulfilled his service to God! Translation is not for anyone, just as the Holy Spirit is for only those who believe in the death for our sins and the resurrection of Jesus from the grave.

Elijah most of the time felt he was isolated alone and scared, as many believers around the world seem today! We struggle with a hostile world and a well deceived Church that will not listen to the word of God, but want everyone to go the way of pleasing all?

2 Kings 2:1-12,   Matthew 17:3-12,   Romans 11:2,    James 5:17.



We must go with what we have, when it comes to serving God! Wither we make the tea, open and close the building, prepare the sound system, clean the building or just put out the hymn books?

These are all gifts of the Holy Spirit, they help us feel that we belong to the family of God and from these stepping stones will grow our opportunities to witness to share our faith with the locals and with strangers!

We must never think we have nothing to offer, our lives, our born-again experience is rich with talents that Jesus has given us and we must invest in them so that the Lord on His return will be happy with us?

Ecclesiastes 11:1,  Matthew/Levi 25:27,  Luke 19:23.