For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.


Keeping it Simple?

We who are filled by the Holy Spirit have something to say to the world this year, starting from now! It is a simple message that the world needs to find Salvation in Jesus and that it is an imperative that must be done now, today?

We have all the tools to share our faith, we know why we became believers! We make lack courage, but the fire within will give us that! People of course will reject what we say, because think they know better, but ‘surprise, and be surprised some will turn to God!

Deuteronomy 30:19,   Amos 5:4,   Matthew 7:7-8,   Galatians 3:13,   Revelation 3:20.



Corona is the Latin for crown in relation to this new strain of virus, that falsely has been associated with China!

This appears like a flu, but it is actually a lung infection that will kill those with a weak body and as yet there is no cure or vaccine that has been successful in fighting it?

Could this be another plague sent by God to get the world to repent of their moral filth, the filth of same sex relationships which God does not accept! The filth of indifference, of arrogance or racism and hatred, while claiming humanitarian concerns and cares to be seen as good by other humans?

God sees our hearts and He sees what we are really like, we cannot hide from Him and we all will have to give an account one day of our actions wither we believe or not!

John 3:3,   3:14-18,   Romans 3:21-31,   Hebrews 4:12-13,   Revelation 15:1.


Today and Tomorrow?

Many of us know the truths of the Bible, but we have found ourselves isolated in Ekkleasia by the majority who try to conform to everything in the world and justify, so that they do not have to suffer for Jesus!

Many talk about the return of Jesus and hope for it, but they know very little about how terrible a day it will be?

We do live in the age of justifying what we want and that is not always the obvious and covers personal comfort and security as much  the world  would try to for themselves? these lines have been well established in the games of living by faith or using words to cover sins?

Troubling times are ahead for the world as we are living in the age of Apostasy and many are not able to understand or want to understand the signs of the times, since they are already well deluded to even the suffering around them!

Matthew 25:44,   Mark 4:19,   Luke 21:8,   Romans 7:5,   2 Thessalonians 2:10,    2 Peter 2:14,   Revelation 13:14.


In times past!

The prophets who passed on the messages of God to nation Israel had their own problems of not fully understanding what we know in fulness today since the death and resurrection of the Messiah?

It is a place to stand and think were we are with Jesus today, do we just claim something that we maybe do not truly believe in or are we like the many who hide behind the Cross?

Prophecy is something that must not be taken lightly in the Ekklesia today, we are not playing games and if we are we will face those consequences for our actions! The false teaching on once saved must comply with what the holy Bible has to say about us waiting for His return and then comes our Eternal Salvation!

1 Peter 1:10-11,  13-14,  Psalm 22:22-31, 110:1-6,  Isaiah 53:1-12,  Zechariah 8:18-21.


And the Life?

Do we always believe now what God is saying to us, are we still encouraged as we try to read the Bible everyday or is life now just another Church meeting?

Being Born again is not about Church going, but rather the fellowship of believers meeting sharing, encouraging each other and breaking bread! The breaking of bread does not require a minister, priest or pastor, since where two or three are gathered the Lord is with us!

The world today sees much suffering of believers and many will be meeting secretly to share the word, to break bread to pray and if they are overheard they will either be killed or end up in jail for a long time!

Matthew 4:17,  18:20,    John 11:25-26,   Revelation 3:20.


Keeping what God has given us in Order!

We must take responsibility for our actions as believers to keep the oil burning, condition have to be met and to keep that armour which is a guide to our condition in order?

These illustrations are for our benefit as we grow daily and are changed into the people that God wants us to become! It is a life time experience on this side of Eternity and, looking back we will see how profitable it has been despite it being sometimes very hard and despairing?

Matthew 25:1-8,   Romans 13:2,   2 Corinthians 6:7,   Ephesians 6:11-18,   Hebrews 4:12.


John the Baptizer and Jesus!

The mother of John the Baptizer Elizabeth had a similar experience as Mary, she in her old age birthed a child of the divine. Her husband a priest in the Jerusalem Temple Zechariah was informed by an Angel that the Holy Spirit would do this work, despite their old age!

When Mary visited her relative Elizabeth both babies jumped for joy in each mothers wombs and when John the type of Elijah was born His father Zechariah gave prophecy when the Holy Spirit revealed it to him.

We need as believers never to forget in the mundane of human daily activity, that nothing is ever impossible with God!

Luke 1:5-60,   13,   15,   17,   35-37,   41-43,   44-45,   67-80.


Impregnated and birthed by the Holy Spirit!

Jesus the Son of God became human flesh, that is the essence of the Christmas story!

But how did this happen, it was by the Holy Spirit the power of God that came upon the virgin Mary to conceive Him and also to birth Him!

Mary remained a virgin until she married her husband Joseph and started a family by the natural order of man and woman.

Matthew 1:18-20,    Mark 1:15,   Luke 1:35,    26-38,    John 1:14,   3:14-17,   Romans 15:8,  Galatians 4:4-5,   1 John 4:9,   14.


The Holy Spirit?

Now that we claim a faith in God, through the good works of Jesus on the cross and His rising from the dead! We also come into a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and His role remains the same as in times past!

If we rebel, then we will face the wrath of Him too as in times past!

So why are we doing things that displease God, since we have been bought with the blood of Jesus at a great cost?

Isaiah 63:10-11,   Acts 7:51,   Ephesians 4:3.   Hebrews 12:24,   13:20,   1 John 1:7, Revelation 17:6.