For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.


Elijah and Merkva!

Our second person in the bible to be taken up is a flaming chariot to heaven, after he had fulfilled his service to God! Translation is not for anyone, just as the Holy Spirit is for only those who believe in the death for our sins and the resurrection of Jesus from the grave.

Elijah most of the time felt he was isolated alone and scared, as many believers around the world seem today! We struggle with a hostile world and a well deceived Church that will not listen to the word of God, but want everyone to go the way of pleasing all?

2 Kings 2:1-12,   Matthew 17:3-12,   Romans 11:2,    James 5:17.



We must go with what we have, when it comes to serving God! Wither we make the tea, open and close the building, prepare the sound system, clean the building or just put out the hymn books?

These are all gifts of the Holy Spirit, they help us feel that we belong to the family of God and from these stepping stones will grow our opportunities to witness to share our faith with the locals and with strangers!

We must never think we have nothing to offer, our lives, our born-again experience is rich with talents that Jesus has given us and we must invest in them so that the Lord on His return will be happy with us?

Ecclesiastes 11:1,  Matthew/Levi 25:27,  Luke 19:23.


He Loved us First!

Many people believe that it is our love for God that will bring us closer to knowing Him or to Salvation? But the bible tells us that it was He who first loved us and by this love He was able to send His one and only Son Jesus!

Love expressed to us, is by our faith in believing that Jesus dies on the cross/stake/tree for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day allowing us the promise of eternity!

This love is not slushy or emotional, as we might think for St. Valentines day?

This is the love of God in our hearts by the working and the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we are enabled to serve, to care and show concern for others, expecting no thanks or return?

John 3:3,  15-21,  Ephesians 2:4,  5:2,   2 Thessalonians 2:16,   1 John 4:10-11.


Pursuing It?

Holding it is hard enough as we plan what and how we are going to apply it, and we have to press on with putting it into action?

God will guide us in all things if we pursue and walk with Him in it and from this we will see immediate fruit! This fruit will be the first steps of encouragement from Jesus so that we are lifted up for the pitfalls ahead?

If we do not pursue what we have been given, then we are wasting precious blessings that were paid for by Jesus for us! Fear and doubts must be put aside in the service of God, it is hard but in the long term it is profitable for all concerned!

1 Corinthians 12:31,  14:1, 12, 39,   Psalm 34:16,  Isaiah 58:13.



The servant who hid the Coin!

There is a moral in this story in relation to investments of a financial nature, but many a time this has been used to explain God’s investment in us of the Holy Spirit and the waste of not even trying to implement any gifting’s we have?

This man ended up being cast out, because of his lack even to make interest on the bosses investment in him! We must not hide what God has given us, stop fearing and excusing oneself get on a serve the Lord-even posting a letter or a card to a friend can be the beginning of something much more today?

Matthew 25:15-28,   Luke 10:42,    19:22-24.


Living in two Worlds?

Some Christians believe that they can have the best of both worlds, the Church and the world? They make all sorts of excuses to gamble, gossip and live in a dishonest way, but on Sundays and other meetings they put on their camouflage to pretend they are God fearing people?

Jesus told us about this unfortunate situation that His Ekklesia faces, and that there is really no effective way of true eradication of the problem! But on the day of Judgement there is to be a shaking of everything and all will be revealed!

Matthew 13:35-40,   Mark 4:26-29,  2 Corinthians 6:1-6,  1 Peter 5:8.


Everyone or just Believers?

There are many spirits out there who are imposters, like the many who claim to have the power to use and abuse woman, finances and children! Our Churches all have the odd one who makes some astounding claims, these may not be an immediate threat?

But if they are left unnoticed they will fester and start to effect believers and then the ministry of the body! The Holy Spirit over the last two-thousand years, since Pentecost has only bee poured out on us who believe!

Acts 8:9-34,  Matthew 10:8,  1 Timothy 6:5.


Moving in rhythm with the Holy Spirit!

God is not wanting us to be content with just knowing that we have the dwelling of the Holy Spirit within us, He wants us to be in tune and moving all the time! We may be content as a believer in our material circumstances and that is a good place to be, as the Apostle Paul said that he was in!

To be moving with the Spirit is to be always active, knowing and sensing the role and place that God wants us to be at! We are not to quench that power, we are not to refuse it and make excuses to do nothing, but rather have the rhythm of continual going on?

Luke 8:14,  9:60,  Psalm 25:5,  71:15,  88:1,  1 Thessalonians 5:8,  19,  2 Timothy 2:3-4.


Holding It?

We cannot physically hold down God, but the vison that we are given can be retained in our minds so that we can keep working it through? Vision is not limited to a one area of working, some will continue to see more and more revelation and new things to do or to act upon?

We must never think that our God is limited in doing good, in seeking to use all believers in divers ways to serve Him? The Holy Spirit is eager to move within us to change us into the people that God wants to use and to also prepare us for Heaven!

Genesis 15:1,  Numbers 24:16,  Job 20:8,  Psalm 89:19,  Matthew 17:9,  Luke 1:22,  Acts 16:9-10,   Revelation 9:17.


Enoch walked with God and he was not!

Do we still walk with God, do we allow the Holy Spirit to have sway in our lives? Do we claim as many do that they have been translated from A to B/Z, and still they have nothing to show for it?

Enoch walked with God, we today who believe by faith in the Good Works of Jesus are called to follow! We are asked to be true, to be right and not to excuse sin as to what ever that may be?

Enoch walked with God and was not! Enoch was taken quickly out of that society, that was full of war and evil! Enoch was translated to be with God in Heaven, because that society and world was to be swallowed by the flood in the days of Noah!

Genesis 5:18-24,  5:22,  Luke 3:37,   Hebrews 11:5,   Jude 1:14.