For belivers in Jesus to be empowered by the fire of the Holy Spirit in their lives to do great things for his glory.


Times and seasons?

We tend not to spend too much time dwelling on any events after the Easter Resurrection, some will cover the restoration of Peter, doubting Thomas and then emphasise the events of the Holy Spirit being poured out on the early Church?

But so much is missing and more can be said of these events that covered tow distinct time periods, forty day from Jesus rising from the dead and His return to Heaven!

The Disciples being told to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit was given. But they did not have a known time limit as we understand the ten-days?

This command that was related to their question in relation to God’s restoration of the Kingdom of Israel, was the encouragement that they needed to keep their faith in Jesus alive and get on with the works that were required!

Acts 1:3-4,  12-26,   Daniel 2:44-45,   Ephesians 6:18,   Hebrews 4:13,   1 Peter 1:11.


To be Comforted!

Many believers can get upset when we try to talk about the role and the work of the Holy Spirit in our New life, they think that we may be shooting off on a tangent that is false or not right?

But here we just want to touch on the basics of what each of has as believers and the role that is quite large and diverse in the empowerment of God!

We have a friend and one who guides and comforts us in our times of need and each of us have differing needs from time to time? The Holy Spirit leads us to focus on Jesus our redeemer and God our Father, so that we can communicate in prayer, serve, witness, show compassion, listen, worship, prophesise and receive revelation!

The latter two does cause confusion to many, because they have not been told the full truths of this teaching and role of Gods Spirit within us!

1 Corinthians 2:12-16,   John 16:13-16,   Romans 11:34,   Galatians 6:1,   Ephesians 4:13-14,   Colossians 1:9.


Elisha wanted a double portion of the Holy Spirit!

Before the Prophet Elijah was taken up to God, Elisha asked for a double portion and he received it!

Today all believers have enough to sustain us in the works that we are called to do, works that may cost us our deaths as Martyrs? But the problems with believers is their fear of serving God and much of the time is spent in serving our own interests?

If we claim a faith in God, let us not hide behind the cross, but be seen and then we will have an impact to improve the society around us?

2 Kings 2:9-13,    Philippines 3:18,    Revelation 6:9-11.


Have something to Say?

Now that the Easter season is coming to an end, do we not have something still to say about what Jesus has done for us?

Giving glory to God is one aspect of the dynamic of the Holy Spirit within us, but since He is dynamic there are many others and that being the ability to share our faith and what He has done for us!

Are we not saved from the corrupt world around us or do we have our own ideas about God, that are based on other teachings and not the Bible alone???

John 1:32,   Acts 4:33,   23:11,   1 Timothy 3:7,   6:20,   Revelation 1:2-3,   2:13,   3:13,    22.


A gift that cannot be Bought!

There were many and there are still today the same many who think the gifts of God can be purchased financially or achieved is some other was from other people!

But they are all wrong, because they are not born-again of the Holy Spirit! Some denominations fail to understand or accept the fulness of what is within them, the gift of gifts from God!

Others use a different set of terminologies to avoid being seen as the term Apostolic of Pentecostal, but they do actually operate in the dynamic of the Holy Spirit and have great success in sowing and reaping the fruits in their respective fellowships!

Acts 8:20,   Proverbs 15:26,   Acts 2:38,   1 Timothy 6:9,   James 5:3.


Redemption of the Cross!

Our emphasis as believers must be on the Cross, because that is the place of our cleansing of failures and our purchase by Jesus blood back to a personal relationship with God our Father!

We cannot be saved by any other means, but faith in these works of Jesus both the cross and His resurrection from the dead. Jesus came for Israel first and then for everyone, it was He who has broken down the barriers between the two!

But sadly many people today continue to be closed to the Jewish race and their promised land in Israel? Our responsibility is to love the world as God loves us and Jesus has paid the price for all who have believed the message!

Isaiah 53:1-12,   John 1:7,   12,   Romans 10:16-17,   Ephesians 1:18-19,   Colossians 1:20, Hebrews 12:2.


In the Holy Spirit to each Other!

We can spend much time talking about the fruits of the Holy Spirit and how we are being lead to do new things, but many times we fail to reveal the attributes that we already have by the Holy Spirit within us?

Our kindness to each other will go a long way to encourage help our fellow followers and cooperation that will lead to success in what ever as a fellowship we are doing for God!

Kindness will help al that we make contact with and through the power of Jesus, lives will be changed because people will see that real Christians are not mean!

2 Corinthians 6:6,   Galatians 5:22.


For God’s Glory!

Even when we are in the dumps and that can be how many of do feel on a daily basis, between going to Church? The Holy Spirit within each of us is still at work, in our prayer life, in reading the Bible, in praise!

We are no longer left to our own devices as we once were, when we belonged to the world and all  the rubbish that we carried with it! Being open to that little voice is an invaluable tool that we should use!

Being born-again of the fire of God makes us a light shining in the dark places, if we share with others and serve the Church by doing visitation and door to door!

Psalm 119:105,   Proverbs 13:9,   Matthew 6:22,   Luke 11:33-34,    2 Corinthians 4:4-6,  2 Peter 1:19.


Beneficial to Ekklesia?

If we have the gift of speaking in tongues we will already know that what is said is beneficial to the Church and a blessing to many and a warning to some to keep on track with God?

The problem with us, even being born again is that sin still tries to influence us and one way the enemy will attack is with pride and our importance over that of humility before God!

What we have must not be misused for our own selfish pleasures, the awe and praise of humans but always to the glory of the Lord Jesus!

Another use of this gift is to win outsiders to faith in the death, resurrection and return of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!

Romans 14:19,   1 Corinthians 10:23,   14:4,   Ephesians 2:15,   1 Thessalonians 5:11.



Wise use of God’s Power?

Many of us just plod on being Christians without ever really stopping to see what God has provided for us in the Spiritual realm?

We can read the Bible in a flippant way, go to Church and this is perhaps the only time that we seem to use the word! Everyone is different, some believers are more active than others, some work in the secret trying not to tell anyone?

But we all have these same gifts and powers to our access and if we use them, perhaps we will learn to improve our walk with God and be better prepared for what is ahead!

1 Peter 4:7-14,   Psalm 49:9,   Ecclesiastes 7:2,   Isaiah 11:2,    25:9,    2 Corinthians 6:1.